Fujian Huaqing Electronic Material Technology Co., Ltd. has been adhering to the people-oriented management concept since its inception. Starting from small things, we should effectively warm people with their hearts, move with emotion, retain people with their careers, and embody the rich details of people-oriented, talent-oriented, teamwork, scientific and technological innovation, quality first, mutual benefit and multi-win, and the pursuit of excellence in the healthy growth and harmonious development of Hua Qing. Warm people with the heart and build harmony and clearness. The company sets up green channel of employee opinion, establishes chairman, general manager and staff regular communication mechanism, truly listens to employee's opinion and suggestion. Establish the chairman, general manager condolences mechanism, timely to provide help to the staff to give condolences and gifts, to express the company's concern. 

        Establish a zero distance communication mechanism between managers at all levels of the company and employees, listen to the opinions and suggestions of employees at any time, anywhere, deeply and carefully understand what employees think, worry about, effectively solve the difficulties for employees' lives and work. Establish employee participation mechanism, employees are extensive, actively participate in the formulation of rules and regulations and technological innovation activities, and truly participate in the management of the enterprise as master.

        Organize rich and colorful cultural and recreational activities to promote the development of corporate culture. Optimize entertainment facilities, set up staff activity rooms, employees are free to hold a variety of forms of self-entertainment party, to make employees more than eight hours happy. Holidays regularly organize forms such as outdoor tourism, outdoor expansion activities, basketball games, table tennis matches, tug-of-war competitions, spring parties, National Day parties and other forms to provide employees with a stage to show their personal demeanor and talent, so that employees can increase their knowledge, strengthen their physique and cultivate their sentiment while having fun, so as to promote communication and enhance team friendship. Hold the staff birthday party, for the staff group birthday, so that the staff experience the warmth of home.  

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