Human resource strategy

        Huaqing carried out the talent strategy of "one hundred years base industry, talent first ", adhering to the concept of" respecting people, cultivating people, and achieving people ", and did the work of excellence and effectiveness for the selection, education, use and retention of talents.

         Huaqing actively broadens the channels of attracting talents and adopts multiple channels to solicit talents. One is to set up a talent website and enter all kinds of senior talent market to attract all kinds of talents needed by enterprises. The second is to enter institutions of higher learning, participate in such institutions as Tsinghua University, Northwest Polytechnic University, Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute, Zhejiang University of Technology and other institutions of higher learning talent dialogue activities, and university talent negotiations, communication, two-way selection and implementation of the school-enterprise joint office, arrange for graduates to come to the company internship. Third, through headhunting companies to hire industry experts, scholars as corporate consultants, for Huaqing's strong growth and strength. 

        Ask the canal as clear as possible, for there is a source of fresh water. In order to maintain the youthful vitality of leading the industry tide, Huaqing should strengthen the training and development of talents and advocate the construction of learning enterprises. Now it has formed a perfect three-level training management system, set up a comprehensive and multi-level training and development system which integrates pre-job training, on-the-job training, off-duty training and self-development, and set up an internal training instructor group in Huaqing to make full use of internal resources and tap the potential of talents. 

        Huaqing adheres to the employment principle of "both moral and talented, taking virtue as the first, making the best of one's talents and talents ", establishing and perfecting performance management, project tackling key problems and other systems, encouraging innovation, encouraging competition, creating a good environment for the use of talent, and forming a great and good situation in which a hundred schools of thought compete and a thousand sails compete. 

        Plant a good sycamore tree, attract Phoenix perch. Huaqing advocates freedom of thought, inclusion, respect for talents, scientific and technological innovation, and promotes the strategy of "keeping people with feelings, career, treatment and culture ". Continue to strengthen the construction of corporate culture, adhere to the "people-oriented" management concept, select outstanding staff, technical model soldiers, vigorously promote outstanding people and things, fully respect the individual staff; run staff canteen, such as travel, entertainment, basketball games and other colorful cultural activities, enhance the identity of employees to the enterprise, so that emotional retention, cultural retention; help staff design career development planning, so that talent has a sense of achievement and pride, Huaqing grand vision to attract people, so that talent sense of responsibility and career retention; We will continue to reform the compensation system, implement the system of paid leave and annual leave, and carry out full-staff insurance to relieve the worries of talents, so as to retain people with treatment. 

        Under the guidance of the grand vision of building Asia's first aluminum nitride ceramic professional product base, we gather all the talents from all over the world in Huaqing to draw the bright future of Huaqing.

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