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        The competition of enterprises is the competition of products, the competition of science and technology, but finally the competition of talents. The company attaches great importance to the training and selection of talents, has been to attract talent, cultivate talent, maximize the role of talent, as a strategic task of the enterprise. 

        Human resources are regarded as the first resource of enterprises and the decisive factor for the development and growth of enterprises. In the process of talent training, the company has established a complete and systematic training system, which promises to provide all kinds of training for employees in the all-round development of technology and ability, and matching the corresponding performance appraisal system to provide objective and reliable basis for staff reward and promotion. 

 招聘职位 Position所属部门 Dept学历要求 Edu招聘人数 Quantity发布时间 Valid From

    生产主管生产部大专 2012-1-13 
    品检员技术质量部中专 2012-1-13 
    储干生产部大专 2012-1-13 
    生产部经理生产部大专以上 2012-10-5 
    材料工程师技术工程部本科 2018-3-5 
    销售经理销售部大专以上 2018-3-5 
    技术博士技术发展部博士及以上 2018-3-13 
    水电设备总工程师设备保障部大专及以上 2018-3-13 
    储备干部技术发展部本科及以上 10 2018-3-13 

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